• Nicole de Paula

What I learned about resilience

Resilience means different things to different people. But its overall idea is to empower people to overcome adversity, stress, or any difficult situation. It is all about “bouncing back!”

Resilience is about a mindset, a behavior and thoughts that can actually be learned and developed.

At the personal level, psychologists say that relationships that foster love and trust are great ingredients to build resilience. This helps to create a positive view of yourself and a confident can-do attitude that improves our capability to: communicate; solve problems and manage impulses.

Cultural differences can have a significant impact in the way that individuals think and react to life. But, regardless of your home country, real problem solvers must be resilient!

We are here to share the love for a better world and build trust among like-minded people who are truly global citizens. The obstacle is the way!

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