• Wanja Dorothy Nyingi

People make landscapes resilient

Photo credit: Said Wabera

People make landscapes resilient! It is this recognition that has popularised the concept of socioecological production landscapes (SEPLs) and the knowledge that conservation cannot be carried out without people.

Not just anyone, but more specifically, those who have ancestral connections, aka indigenous peoples; those who derive their livelihoods from these landscapes; being also those who shape them.

In the book, the “Big Conservation Lie,” the authors say, "conservation without people is a fallacy". The Yellow-stone National Park model of protected areas where people are removed from their land is not only unjust, but creates the wrongful impression that landscapes without people are natural or exist. This is in fact untrue for many parts of Africa.

Travellers and tourists must therefore be aware of the disenfranchisement of communities from these landscapes and resist wilderness Safari options, where people are not part of the landscape.

People make landscapes resilient because the connections between nature and culture are intrinsic!


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